Rocred Production engage in live music, music recording, mixing, mastering and music publishing. Rocred is sprung from sheer enthusiasm and respect for music and musicianship which makes it our goal to fulfill the artists visions.

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Live Music


Our work emanates from the live music experience. The heart and soul of ROCRED PRODUCTION is all about capturing the live music experience.



We are proud to present some of Europes finest classical musicians 'Acoustic Project - String Ensemble'. The first result is the vivid 'Studio Live' album, featuring the previsouly un-released composition 'Towards the Stars' by Dubravko Palanovic



For small and mid size projets we offer high quality gear and recording facilities and for the big or otherwise special projects we have a list of preferred partners providing state of the art facilities in every aspect



To make things complete Rocred Production are set for world-wide distribution, through The Orchard network.


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We also design and manufacture premium studio acoustic panels the Sound Hoover (TM).




-  a force working for the artists

-  capturing the emotions of the music

-  maximizing the experience for the



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